Everything you need for recovery in one place

A holistic approach

Treatment at Silver Lake may require a recovery plan that is specific to your chosen goals in every area of your life. Here’s how we can serve you: 

Rapid Service Delivery

Our mission is to provide you with the best care as soon as possible. Initial assessment appointments can be offered within 24 hours, so that when you are ready to seek treatment, we are here for you right away. And when you require care between visits, you’ll benefit from a treatment approach that provides access as quickly as you need it.

Individual Counseling

You will meet with a trained therapist regularly to support you in meeting your recovery goals. We use evidence-based practices and tailor our care to your unique needs.


Medication Supported Recovery

We provide addiction medications to assist you in your individual journey towards long-term sobriety. Our staff specialize in medications for opiate and alcohol dependence.

Psychiatric Services

If you require medication to manage your symptoms, ongoing psychiatric care is available to you regularly and as needed.


In-Community Services

If you are a current client or a new client seeking treatment and you cannot make it into the clinic, we can come to you. Whether it is for extra support or simply because life is getting in the way, we understand that treatment does not always need to occur in a clinic setting.

Family Services

You are not alone in this, and we understand that you have people in your life that care about your wellness. That is why we often integrate your family into your care. And if you are a family member who is caring for someone recovering from mental illness and/or addiction, we are here for you to provide counseling, even if your loved one is not in treatment with us.


Group Counseling

You will come together with others that are on a similar journey, to share in discussions about the challenges you may be facing as a result of mental illness and/or addiction. We also provide the opportunity to engage in creative methods to express yourself, such as art, music and writing groups. 

Integrated treatment for dually-diagnosed

Even if you do not have a history of mental illness, our therapists are trained to recognize the symptoms. They can guide you to appropriate psychiatric assessment, therapy and medication, as needed.


Support Services

Wellness is attained not just through traditional treatment. We recognize that the individual who is suffering is connected to a community that can benefit from education to limit stigma and increase support. We offer free opportunities for members of your community to learn more about your experience. In addition, we offer you the chance to engage meaningfully in your community by offering free events that are fun and dynamic, both on and off site.

Community Education

We tailor educational workshops about addiction, mental health, stress management, trauma and wellness/self-care to the needs of potential clients and community social service agencies.


DWI/DUI Incident Prevention and treatment program

If you have been recently charged with DWI/DUI offenses, we can provide the necessary screening, assessment services and assist you to better understand the legal issues involved. We will get you the support and education necessary to ensure your future is safe and sober.