Everything you need for your recovery is here in our community


Who We Are

Silver Lake Behavioral Health is well known for offering quality, comprehensive treatment for addiction and addiction-related problems.

Our focus is on total wellness — the health of mind, body and spirit — a holistic approach to recovery.

We offer a full range of mental health services in an inviting, community outpatient setting. Our highly qualified and compassionate staff work with you to create an individualized treatment plan dedicated to your complete recovery.

Who We Serve

Our clients come from all walks of life; addiction and mental illness do not discriminate by age, gender, income or family background. Our mission is to stabilize, enrich and enhance the lives of every client, so they can successfully rejoin society and their own communities.


What You Do...and What We Do

If your goal is an enduring, long-term recovery, we are dedicated to help you succeed. You bring your willingness and determination and we’ll provide customized services and support specific to your unique needs.


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